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Thank you for visiting my site. If you have intentionally sought out my site, or if you have been combing the internet for a bagpiper, not quite knowing how to go about it. RELAX, and CONGRATULATIONS! You have done it!

People often ask how to go about finding a good bagpiper. The truth is that you have just found one. That being said, you should always base your decision on the things most important to you. Make sure the bagpiper is professional, polished, and capable of playing the bagpipes to your high standards. Check out all of the photographs and music files you can get from each of your choices. Also, don't be shy about asking for references.

The Great Highland Bagpipes

Remember the first time you heard them? I'm sure you do. You may have heard them echoing off city walls on Saint Patrick's Day, parading past in a sea of multicolored tartans. Perhaps it was a wedding, or the funeral of a close friend, and you have never forgotten those haunting melodies played on ancient mystical instruments.

My purpose here is to keep that bagpiping tradition alive, while serving Central Ohio and surrounding Communities. Whatever the reason you find yourself at my webpage, I look forward to being your personal Scottish Highland Bagpiper.


A wee bit 'bout me...

I began playing music professionally in 1963. It has taken me from the heartland of Ohio to the California Coast and back again. In that time I have played a lot of music on a myriad of instruments, but no instrument has had as strong an impact on my life as the Great Highland Bagpipes. There is a spiritual side to playing the bagpipes that drives me to continue playing them,(even though at times it seems that they are playing me.)

When I stand on a hill, playing the bagpipes with the wind to my face, it is as though my ancestors are right there with me, nudging me, inspiring me to push further, to play more, and to be the best bagpiper I can be. Suffice it to say, I will be a bagpiper until the day I am put in the ground and another piper ultimately pipes me home.

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